Purpose designed …

    Our three main audio post production studios are all equipped with the latest Pro Tools digital facilities.

The studios are laid out in a comfortable, lounge-like setting that allows producers and creatives to engage easily with the sound designer and voice artist. Laptops and wireless Internet are on hand so you can keep in touch with the outside world.

All three studios are linked via the RedNet modular ethernet-networked audio system that interfaces with Pro Tools, providing pristine audio quality and the flexibility to record in multiple studios, enabling large-scale and urgent projects to be efficiently handled.

ADR, editing and mixing

Also available are additional dialogue recording (ADR) studios, sound editing rooms and large-scale mixing suites, with capability for 5.1 TV mixes and surround-sound cinema mixing. One of the ADR studios is big enough to record large groups.

If you’re keen to embrace the latest in surround-sound technology, the custom-built cinema mix theatre allows for mixing in Dolby Atmos (the first such facility in Australia).

Sound effects and more

As well as the other essentials you’d expect to find in a professional audio post production facility, we have an extensive digital library of sound effects that we’ve designed, recorded and collected over many years. Also at hand is a wide selection of microphones (including Blueberry, Neumann, Sanken and Sennheiser) and the ability to record foley sounds and just about anything else you need.

We’re always ready for the inevitable last-minute changes and the urgent requests. When the main studios are busy, our other studios are perfect for recording pick-ups and making alterations in time to meet your deadlines.

Coffee and tea is always available and you can order snacks and meals from the in-studio menu. During session breaks you can relax in our café, sit in the sun on the rooftop balcony or stroll across to a choice of nearby restaurants and cafés.