Finding the right voice …

    We thrive on sourcing voice artists who can breathe life into words and then add that extra bit of magic.

We have a great selection of microphones

Casting can be key to producing a track that’s out of the ordinary. We have built up an extensive bank of voice artists and we’re always discovering new talent.

We’re more than happy to get involved at the concept stage of your scripts. Have a chat to us about the type of voices you have in mind and how you’d like the words expressed.

Do you want a voice that can spice up the words or instil a sense of authority, or quirkiness? By sitting in on pre-production meetings, we can help you decide things like the character or personality of the voice, gender and age, delivery style and accent if any.

We can present you with a range of voices to consider, which may include some of our new discoveries if appropriate. There’s a charge for our time but it can be a worthwhile investment if it helps you achieve a unique and successful result.

Here are some tips for casting, recording and directing voice artists:

  • While developing the script, hear the voices in your head, create a mental picture of your characters and what they sound like.
  • Share your ideas with the sound designer so the most suitable recording environment and microphones can be set up.
  • Remember the sound designer and voice artist are an important part of the creative process and can contribute much from their experience.
  • Have a clear idea of how the script should be delivered but be willing to invite the voice artist to give you their interpretation.
  • Ensure the scripts are clear and easy to read; good layout, font and type size are appreciated by the voice artist and can make the recording process quicker and easier.
  • If a number of people are attending the session, channel all instructions to the voice artist through one person to avoid confusion.

Here’s a montage of some of the voice artists we have at our fingertips.